View Full Version : So who went off the side of the rwy at LGW tonight then ?

Old King Coal
8th Apr 2001, 03:20
Any ideas, coz somebody did ?

8th Apr 2001, 03:27
Tell us more. I landed at 18:40Z and didn't notice anything (not that that means much!)

8th Apr 2001, 04:20
Where did you get this info then . . . sounds interesting.

8th Apr 2001, 04:21
Light a/c slipped of the taxiway holding point Bravo..

Caused some inbounds to hold, but rwy reopened with a shortened minima..

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8th Apr 2001, 08:48
also caused a div or two to STN :)

The Legend lives on ... OpsBoy !!!!

8th Apr 2001, 18:55
I landed just after midnight local - looked like a small exec jet but a little difficult to be sure, they were talking then about reopening fully about midnight 30. Don't know what happened but it did not look like major damage.

9th Apr 2001, 00:40
Saw a BA757 and BA747-200 on Stand at Stansted-wondered why BA where in town!

9th Apr 2001, 12:35
BA 757 and 742 are LHR based, your point being, as the topic is about LGW?

fantum farter
9th Apr 2001, 19:48
I landed at 0035 with a 5kt tailwind on 08R with an available landing distance on atis of 2060m after being vectored for a while whilst they allowed a couple of departures from 26L at 'C'.
Some callsign came up that I didn't recognise after we landed and said that the aircraft was cleared and they were just sweeping up and full length would be available in 15mins.
Crew transport driver told us it was some biz jet that had snapped a leg off.
nothing in any news reports though so I trust everyone was ok just some dented ego's


glider insider
9th Apr 2001, 20:00
i believe the ba 75 and 74 were at stn for a charter for the tottenham game in manchester.

The Zombie
10th Apr 2001, 13:42

10th Apr 2001, 18:16

Judging from your previous posts I know this will be difficult but could you try not to live up to your name?

Red Spitfire Driver
11th Apr 2001, 03:02
Cessna Citation went off the taxiway onto the grass. Yes there were a couple of Divs to EGSS. Runway reopened for westerly departures, and easterly arrivals - with reduced length.