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Star Trek
25th Sep 2010, 13:47
Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone out there would know what the average fuel scavenge rates are on the B777.Mostly interested in the -300ER and -200LR but any infor would be good.

I understand Fuel Low Center EICAS message comes up when around 1.1 tons left in the center tank and scavenging starts when the mains tanks are 23.9 tons.I'm interested in how long after that the center tanks are completely empty.

Star Trek.

26th Sep 2010, 05:54
Never even thought about, but why don't you open the synoptic page, start the timer and let us know? :ok:


ps; are you using aux tanks a swell?

Star Trek
26th Sep 2010, 09:04
Thanks Halas.Was interested in the ones without the Aux tanks.My understanding is that all the fuel from the Aux tank will first be transferred into the center tank so it shouldn't make any difference to the scavenge from the center except maybe we now have another approx. 40 mins of fuel to use.I am new on type and haven't flown the ones with the Aux tank so I could be wrong.

Tried timing it but always seems to miss it.Can't really have the fuel synoptic displayed on the lower MFD as this is meant to remain blank.Plus the girls from the back can be a bit distracting:E

Anyone else with any ideas?

Star Trek.