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Danish Pilot
7th Apr 2001, 23:23
Charles E. Yeager "Chuck Yeager", first pilot to break sound barrier...

Capt. Gordon Vette (Air New Zealand) helped in rescue a lost pilot in a Cessna 188, on a ferryflight from USA to Australia in 1978...

Capt. Eric Moody (BA) lost all four engines on a 747-200 due to volcanic ash, but landed safely....

Capt. Bob Pearson (Air Canada) ran out of fuel (human factors), but glided his 767-200 into a safe landing....

Capt. Bryce McCormick (American Airlines) made a safe landing (1972) in his DC10 after the rear cargodoor opened inflight, and caused allmost loss of control....

Capt. Steve Thompson (Eastern Airlines) landed safely (1983) in Miami after the loss of allmost all engines on his L1011 due to missing oilseals. Infact, all engines vere lost, but the #2 eng. stayed alive untill the aircraft was taxiing of the rwy...

Iīm sure there are many more names out-there that should be rememberd, so letīs hear them.

And finaly, does anyboddy know what happened to these pilots..?

7th Apr 2001, 23:40
Don't know the names of those involved, but they all deserved medals!
"On a flight from Birmingham, England to Malaga, Spain, at FL 173, a large section of windshield fell away from the aircraft. The decompression pulled the captain out from under his seatbelt. Despite trying to hold onto the yoke, the captain was sucked out into the opening. A steward in the cockpit was able to grab hold of his legs. Another steward was able to strap himself into the vacant seat and aid in holding onto the captain's legs. The copilot wearing full restraints made an emergency landing at Southampton. The captain remained half way out of the aircraft for 15 minutes and suffered only frostbite and some fractures. Improper bolts used to replace the windshield two days earlier."

8th Apr 2001, 00:08
Add on to your list.

Gen. Billy Mitchell -- U.S. brigadeer general who got himself courtmartialed for trying to advance U.S. military aviation.

Capt. Al Haynes and F/O William Records -- Flight deck officer of the United Airlines DC10 that crashed at Sioux City, Iowa, on July 19, 1989 with no hydraulic power, whatsoever, after the rear engine turbine blades blew everything apart.

Max Pointers
8th Apr 2001, 00:19
What about Gromit, that was pretty good close support work!

Sick Squid
8th Apr 2001, 02:05
Icarus, it was Captain Tim Lancaster, and Senior First Oficer Alistair Aitchison on the 111.

I think I speak for all pilots when I say that Alistairs performance that day was one of the top pieces of flying I have ever heard of... I don't think he ever got the public recognition for just what a breathtaking job it was.

The lad in the RHS on the Nairobi incursion recently done good too, Richard Webb, or Phil Watson, I can't remember who's who.

Enough gushing...

Anyway, good topic though this is, it is neither Rumour nor News, so forgive me but it's on its way to Aircrew Notices...

Sick Squid
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