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16th Sep 2010, 16:01
Q - Why GRID MORA is not printed at center of 1 Deg Lat-Long box ? :ugh:

If you notice on Enroute chart Grid Mora is printed anywhere in 1 Deg Lat-long box , Is it subject to space available ? or
Is it given at from where the highest obstacle is there ?
or Any other reason ? Please share if you know the ans .......

Old Smokey
17th Sep 2010, 12:24
Space available, it's a printing thing where the position printed has no operational implications.

Would you really want it just plonked directly over a major airport or other important information?:O

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Old Smokey

17th Sep 2010, 13:51
what is the eligibility criteria to appear in indian atpl exams.........pls tell me,can we appear in the exams even without having a cpl.
how many flying hrs are needed?if i have multi engine endorsement of piper seneca and one more multi[anyone],can i appear in exams.not having any multi,can't i appear in exams?