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6th Apr 2001, 22:28
According to Andrey Savenko of Antonov the work on making the An-225 airworthy is almost complete and the aircraft that is already out of its hanger should commence flying early next month to complete certification flights suspended in the mid nineties.

According to Savenko the aircraft requires a further 15-16 flights for certification, and according to Bruce Bird of Air Foyle, the aircraft potentially already has its first charter. Bird would not reveal the potential customer, other than to say it was an industrial customer whose cargo had outgrown the An-124-100, so they were pleased to offer the option of the An-225. In the past Bird has suggested that one of the key customers for the aircraft would be producers of electricity turbines such as Siemens and ABB and addressing that market, the floor of the aircraft has been strengthened .

After its certification flights the An-225 will fly at the Paris Air Show and will then join the Antonov Airlines fleet.

7th Apr 2001, 02:47
Any chance of a picture?

7th Apr 2001, 07:30
Here's a picture:


7th Apr 2001, 08:10


7th Apr 2001, 10:19
...I'll bet that one is no ' dream ' to land in a crosswind with all those wheels !

7th Apr 2001, 21:05
Did I count 28 in the picture?
Actually, on the 18 wheeler, Mr B recommends leaving the drift on to touchdown on a wet runway http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif (although, personally, one tries to squeeze it off in the flare.)

7th Apr 2001, 21:24
I think they should make a STOVL version of it!

:) :) :) :) :)

Anti Skid On
8th Apr 2001, 03:48
Bloody big!

8th Apr 2001, 03:57
Max payload 250tonnes

8th Apr 2001, 03:59
So finally six engines, just incase they lose one.So now if they have to certify the machine of a 2 engine landing capability, they'll need to add another one, seven engines, i suppose.

Looks very nice though.An improved C5-ski?

11th Apr 2001, 02:34
Hasn't this Antonov-225 (Mryia) been around for a few years now?
The Ruskies used it to fly their SpaceShuttle (Boran) around, on the An-225's fuselage. Juast like the US does with their SpaceShuttle piggy-back on a B747.

Beautiful machine that An-225! :)

11th Apr 2001, 04:33
Oh, sorry... I thought I heard somebody hailing me :)

Nice Pics! That's my girl; can't wait to see her come off the line again!!

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11th Apr 2001, 10:46
We had a AN124 delivr an anssembled spare GE90 to our hombase in VIE on time, when it went back out everybody was watching to have a look see how the thing flies..

So having all the crowd looking she lifts of, starts a right hanf turn out of RW29 and BANG!!! -> Flames and smoke out of engine Nbr.4 and back she was in a few mins.

So they brought in the spare engine and a crew with another one and the next day we watched again the now two AN124s going out .. and BANG Nbr. 2 turns back this time for another problem ;)

i DO hope THAT one is better in therms of reliability


11th Apr 2001, 11:14
Antonov does not manufacture the powerplants for the 225, Loratev makes D-18T's.

"You screw up, just this much; you'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog-sh*t outta Hong Kong"!

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Penn Doff
11th Apr 2001, 12:19
You have to feel sorry for the line mechanic after oiling all the engines up he then has the joy of inflating all the tyres + I bet TPIS is not fitted.

"please report further"

11th Apr 2001, 13:20
Never seen the name in a Russian dictionary; suspect it might be Ukrainian...