View Full Version : Has GO got moles working at easyjet HQ

LTN man
6th Apr 2001, 22:59
On the day that easyjet announces new services from Belfast to Glasgow and Edinburgh GO the copycat airline from BA also announces new services on the same routes. As it normally takes GO at least 12 months before they compete on easyjet routes I wonder who has supplied them with easyjet’s route plans this time

7th Apr 2001, 01:32
LTN Man,

I think you're being a bit naive , mate.

To start any service, both airlines must have been negotiating with all the airports involved for some time, plus handling agents etc.

Thats an awful lot of "Leak" material. GO were planning to start these services in January, so the "mole" could just as easily have been in GO passing info to EASY.

Either way, it's more services for the consumer, more planes on order and more jobs for pilots.

Sounds OK to me.

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