View Full Version : Emirates - Don't be sucked along !!!

Speedbrake Lever
6th Apr 2001, 22:56
For months and months I've seen so many posts on Emirates.

I'm afraid " Foreigners" just to use a term

really are very much in the Dark

The grass is not always greener on the other side, I just seem to see far too many thinking Heaven is in Dubai

Well its Not, but go if you wish have a try !!

No I don't have any axe to grind at all
and am not trying to,

But ?? go see for yourself then !!

6th Apr 2001, 23:33
The grass may seem greener for us 'foreigners,' as we look through our binoculars into the sun rising to our east.
So please provide us some insight, from your perspective as to why this 'Heaven' may be a wolf in sheeps clothing.
You are correct, we all will make our own decicion, and going to Dubai for the interview and tour, will probably be part of that process.
Having sound, level headed observations and facts sure doesn't hurt though either.