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30th Aug 2010, 19:15
This is absolutely a hypothetical situation and scenario I have thought up which tests crew communication, authority and CRM.

Imagine this.

You are on approach to an airport (aircraft type/airport does not matter, neither does the approach you're executing). You're 2000' and nearing to the runway and you look at the pedestal. The parking brake is on.

Probably a mistake? So you turn it off and leave it be.

Passing through 1000', you look back and you see the parking brake has been set on again. You definitely know that you set it off before (or did you, perhaps your mind is playing games with you?)

However, you are under the impression that your F/O is setting the parking brake. So, how do you handle this situation? What would you say/do and when would you do/say it? During approach? After landing? Behind his back? Keep quiet?

What would you do?

Looking forward to your posts!

30th Aug 2010, 19:25

mona lot
30th Aug 2010, 19:28
What would you do?

Hypothetically, I would divert to an airport with a conveyor belt for a landing strip and then it wouldn't matter a stuff whether the brake was on or off.:8

30th Aug 2010, 19:32

Previously, you have demonstrated your credentials to be of dubious validity, you have now proved yourself to be an absolute moron. Well done:mad:

30th Aug 2010, 19:38

The Tech log section of PPRuNe is a decent and helpful one. There is a bunch of good and knowledgeable professional fellows who like to come here, share and confront technical data and opinion.

I am against any form of censorship but am also against any kind of intellectual sabotage. Posting such a thread is another Aviophage attempt to turn this section into an open circus.

Don't let him turn you into clowns.

30th Aug 2010, 19:39
Deja vu, simples, or you are in a separate reality

since when is it ok to warn a pilot not to have fun or look stupid?

763 jock
31st Aug 2010, 17:42
Aviophage. A340-600 Captain. :D

31st Aug 2010, 18:12
Actually he's also Space Shuttle rated but he did not mention it because he's to humble.

"Aviophage" means "bird eater" in Greek

It doesn't mean anything in ancient Greek as the root Avi is Latin...not Greek. Get yourself a dictionary, if you can't afford one, learn how to google.

31st Aug 2010, 18:16
phage does mean an eater, however, as in cellular bios logos, "Macrophage". "Avi" is a man's name in Hebrew, not that there is anything wrong with that.


31st Aug 2010, 18:57
- Fuel Levers off
- Beacon off
- Seat Belt Signs off

Just to stay ahead!

4th Oct 2010, 23:12
Tim Martins doesn´t use parking brakes, the earth accelerates to accomodate Tim Martins

Maurice Chavez
5th Oct 2010, 20:26
Looking forward to your posts!They say; "there's no such thing as a stupid question". "They" just have been proven wrong by you..... nutter! :yuk:

Lord Spandex Masher
5th Oct 2010, 20:40
You say, "Touch it again and I'll rip your effing arm off".

If he does it again you surprise him and stab him in the leg with the fire axe.

6th Oct 2010, 02:04
you actually don't do anything to the copilot. its actually the gremlin from the twilight zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" that's hitting the parking brake. Which makes aviophage Will Shatner!