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29th Aug 2010, 10:56
What is the max bank angle on LNAV? On take off, 400' hdg select. Now at 1000' you are cleared direct to XXX, which is a 180 degree left turn. MP selects XXX and executes. Few seconds later you select LNAV, and notice 30+ degrees bank angle as the AFDS tryies to catch the trackline. Whats max. At what bank angle do you get a GPWS bank angle warning?

You climb out with CI 16. It gives you approx 260kts climb. At 10000' you want to fly 280kts. Is it enough to select 280 on the climb page or do you also have to select 280/.76 below FL260? (Or are there different options out there?) No speed intervention on this aircraft!

3. In this company, FP stow the reversers after landing. Previous company FO did not, so that the capt would have reverers available in case of slippery exit. Your company?