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27th Aug 2010, 16:43
there goes another one on landing...
jacdec.de (http://www.jacdec.de/)

PHOTO (http://jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6916305&nseq=0)

3,5 km asphalt should be enough for slowing down, even in a storm.

27th Aug 2010, 17:54
No one seriously injured, just two person on board have minor problems
It's happened due to tire burst on wet RWY
more photos here (http://www.aerospacetalk.ir/vb/showthread.php?p=289249#post289249) (Select Persian!)
LINK (http://www.aerospacetalk.ir/vb/showthread.php?p=289243#post289243)

27th Aug 2010, 20:22
Bad news for this Airplane.

I think repairing the nose section is quit easy
Ex American Airlines?

27th Aug 2010, 21:02
No, Ex-Korean (HL7211)
Built in 1992/Delivered to Aseman AL 2000's

27th Aug 2010, 21:45
As an aside, how many F100's are still operating?

28th Aug 2010, 04:10
As an aside, how many F100's are still operating?
As I know in Iran:
19's for Aseman AL
15's for Iran Air
4's for Naft Air
2's for Kish Air

and around the world;
Mexicana, KLM (Regional Dep.), Britt Air still using these birds

outback aviator
28th Aug 2010, 04:27
At least 18 in Australia, Skywest Airlines , Alliance Airlines & Network.

28th Aug 2010, 06:19
Air France Regional are still using them AFAIK.

Cut my aviation teeth on the F-70: fantastic airplane. Loved it!


28th Aug 2010, 17:37
Right main gear tire...


28th Aug 2010, 20:47
Funny, they chocked the deflated tire. :ok: Good thinking!

Green Guard
30th Aug 2010, 16:32
Funny, they chocked the deflated tire. Good thinking!

Funny how you can see the size of the chock and that there is nothing behind the other tire.

1st Sep 2010, 13:13
The Iranians have struggled to even buy parts for almost all of their fleet (Fokker aren't allowed to support the F-100s in Iran, let alone what goes on, or not, with the Boeings and Mad Dogs), but the results are very uneven.

The Boeing 707s of Saha Air and the 727s of Iranair and Iran Aseman ("Iranian Sky" in Farsi) fly day in, day out, decade in, decade out, with barely an incident (Saha lost a 707 in 2005 but with only three fatalities; and another lost two engines and suffered structural failure during climb but landed safely last year). Also true of the 747s in the country, not only Iranair's fleet of 1x -100, 2x -200 and 4x SP, but also original Continental and TWA 747-100s from 1970, bought by the Shah in 1974, which still fly as freighters, air-to-air refuellers, and pax aircraft, in hybrid Saha / Iran AF livery.

The Iranian entire population are terrified of the Tupolev 154s that make up the backbone of the domestic fleet, although most of the crashes have not been directly attributed to the type:
- Iran Air Tours midair collision with a fighter jet in 93, aircraft fell into the city of Tehran
- Iran Air Tours CFIT later in the 90s
- Iran Air Tours mechanical failure on landing in Mashhad in 2006 (nosegear failed, aircraft off runway)
- Caspian Air Lines explosion in the tail resulting in a vertical dive from altitude; probably caused by munitions in cargo
- a crash on the runway at Mashhad after attempting to land below minima (medical emergency onboard adding to press-on-itis).

Add to that the tragic Aria crash of an Il-62M in Mashhad last year.

However the Fokker 100, a reliable and well-loved type in other parts of the world, has a terrible record in Iran, with three or four write-offs in Iranair service, mostly due to icing. However it is also worth noting that there have been no fatalities in any of the F-100 accidents, and thank god, that remains the case with this latest accident in Tabriz.

2nd Sep 2010, 08:21
I worked for NAFT(4x F100s & 4x F50s) in Ahwaz from Feb.2009 until April this year up to that point we had no problem acquiring spares however I am led to believe with the latest sanctions in force they can no longer be supported by Fokker where the spares are coming from I have no idea. The Saha 707 that lost 2 engines was climb out from Ahwaz was caused by on engine exploding and damaging the other on the same wing.

6th Sep 2010, 12:08
Visiting the aircraft museum in Tehran one day, I have seen technicians taking out parts of aircraft on display, to be used on airworthy examples.