View Full Version : Comair Icing Event in Florida

6th Apr 2001, 19:37
Anyone got any more information than this on the Comair incident? I wonder if the damage was caused by ice, or from upset recovery. Must have been a bit interesting for the folks in the back as well as those up front!

From www.ntsb.gov (http://www.ntsb.gov) website site...On March 19, 2001, about 1830 eastern standard time, the flight crew of Comair flight 5054, an EMB-120, “Brasilia,” reported experiencing an upset event and a loss of altitude after encountering icing conditions. The aircraft was 46 minutes into a scheduled flight from Nassau, Bahamas, to Orlando, Florida. The airplane diverted to West Palm Beach, Florida. Examination of the aircraft found substantial damage to the elevators and the horizontal stabilizer. There were no injuries to the flight crew or 25 passengers.

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