View Full Version : Have Gill Air gone under????

Funky Munky
6th Apr 2001, 18:11
I know there is another topic re Gill Air, but I heard today that Gill had gone under over the last couple of days. Perhaps someone could enlighten me, I hope it's not true as I have friends who work there.

A reliable answer would be appreciated, and no I'm not trying to stir things up!!



6th Apr 2001, 18:39
No http://www.geocities.com/thehugmonster/animations/explodes.gif

6th Apr 2001, 19:03
Dear Funky,

You should know a couple of things :

1. If you hear any rumours about Gill Air, you are not allowed to post them here, because it upsets Hugmonster - he takes it all very personally. Thin skin I guess. Must be all that hugging.

2. It's no use trying to persuade him otherwise. Eventually you will just develop an ennui for all things Gill as related to rumours. That's why you see so little about them these days - yawn.

I am, however, most interested to see that Gill is objecting to our buyout by Big Airways though. Such altruism. Pity their management don't show any of the same quality to their staff - but thats why we've already had so many join us.

Arf, arf, arf!!

7th Apr 2001, 02:31

You were certainly right about friend Hugmonster. Touchy, isn't he?

Perhaps his nom de plume and his adoring love for his employer are each founded in his past servitude with the infamous "Love" airline.

Funky Munky
7th Apr 2001, 12:53
Yeah Huggy take a chill pill!!

I was only asking and not stirring. After all this is the RUMOUR NETWORK, and I'd heard one and wanted to know whether it was true or not. I'm very glad that it was only a rumour, and that all's well for the time being at Gill.

7th Apr 2001, 13:11
Heard the good old Gill call sign going into BFS yesterday.

Nice to hear. :) :) :) :) :)

Remember guys Keep it Lit :)

7th Apr 2001, 13:41
Thanks, K.I.L.

We know where you live, son! :)

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