View Full Version : BA's B.A.S.E. Airlines disappeared....

sky unlimited
6th Apr 2001, 13:02
I really don't know, but BA's franchise BASE Airlines has withdrawn all their aircrafts from EIN and RTM. What's happening.... Another Dutch airline in serious problems?

6th Apr 2001, 14:02
I can confirm that all deps ex EIN and RTM are showing "cancelled" and they're not answering their phone!

6th Apr 2001, 17:36
The latest I have is that the airline has suspended ops for 14 days pending reorganisation.

7th Apr 2001, 03:49
Not the first time this has happened to BASE.Shame, they're a good bunch in EIN.Surely Rod could buy them as well and merge them into CFE,Air Liberte,Brymon and BRAL.Hope all works out for BASE.

Red Snake
7th Apr 2001, 23:09
Air Liberte? Long gone. Part of Swissair group now. And still loosing money.

sky unlimited
12th Apr 2001, 00:03
I've just heard that BASE is trying to find investors to blow some new air into BA's former (?) franchise company. I wonder KLM is taking over the BHX and MAN routes out of EIN....

Stop Stop Stop
12th Apr 2001, 18:30
I doubt it, KLM can't even manage to keep their own schedules running. Pilot shortages at KLM uk and Cityhopper causing cancelled flights and Eurowings being booted out of the alliance means more European work, so I would think this scenario is unlikely.