View Full Version : HMEC 46 headset for B757

27th Jul 2010, 09:49

Is anyone using the Sennheiser HMEC 46 on the Boeing 757 and can comment on the interference from the window heat? I am currenly using the HMEC 45 and everytime I go close to the window I get a tone in my left ear(the one without the boom mic) because of interference from the window heat. Also would you recommend this headset for the B757?

Thank you in advance

It's only Me
27th Jul 2010, 10:29
I currently use the 25, but have used the 45; the smaller earpieces on the 25 are better for those wearing spectacles. Some 26 models are appearing in the company. In all casses it is the individual aircraft that seems to make the difference not the headset; I guess the 46 will be the same. Fly the 767 - it is quiet!


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