View Full Version : Wannabee an Astronaut ?

30th May 2001, 13:03
Why bother applying to be just an airline pilot when you can be an astronaut instead.Just click on http://www.nasajobs.nasa.gov and go to the "How to Apply"section.You can view all the Nasa pay scales and download an Astronaut Application form !!
I wonder if I would get a reply if I filled in the form and put down B747-400 as previous flying experience.That would give 'em a shock when they normally expext to see F18's and the like.

30th May 2001, 13:08
You lazy ones,if you have Windows,just click on http://www.nasajobs.nasa.gov/jobs/astronauts/aso/forms/jf498.doc

30th May 2001, 13:08
Could be in with a chance though! Now that pax. are being carried on space missions. 747-400 time may be more relevent than F18 time!

30th May 2001, 14:12
A resume:

This is starting salaries UPPER band.

Pilots: $74773
Doctors: $84741
Senior Management: $102300

All of which also get Locality pay.

Oh yes, Astronauts:


MMMMmmmmmmm.......and they don't get locality pay (maybe they haven't got a rate for orbiting yet)

Perhaps they make their money from missed meals/mileage claims etc!!!!