View Full Version : Easyjet Roadshow in Singapore

13th Apr 2001, 15:17
Any truth that Easyjet are sending a recruitment roadshow to Singapore to seek out more pilots??

13th Apr 2001, 15:30
Yes, as advertised in Flight International 3rd-9th April issue they will be in Singapore for walk in, informal discussions from 28th April to the 1st of May inclusive.
Orchard Parade Hotel, 11am to 8pm.

Requirements stated are still the same as UK which are UK or JAA licence and right of abode in UK.

Since this is around my neck of the woods I may go just for a chat and see what they have to say.

15th Apr 2001, 17:56
Sounds like Stelios has got loads of money to waste!

low flyer
15th Apr 2001, 18:14
According to the road show they did at Schiphol a couple of weeks ago, they're desperate for flight crew. Can't remember the exact number, but it was several tens, if not over a hundred.

Of course they're not remotely interested in the available crew in the UK. Seem only to want very high hours people.

Flap 5
15th Apr 2001, 19:07
They need captains. With their, quite rapid, expansion they need them now and the only way to get experienced pilots with hours is to poach from other airlines. Obviously they have been reading pprune and have seen the general level of disatisfaction amonst pilots in Singapore. They will be going to Hong Kong next!

15th Apr 2001, 19:21
sorry, just a test