View Full Version : Spanish ATC Work To (no!) Rule

8th Jun 2010, 08:01
I note that whilst Europes finest and most highly paid controllers continue with their domestic squabbles the vast majority of aircraft are now needlessly burning, collectively, thousands of tons of extra fuel whilst flying complete SIDS, STARS and flight plan routes. I note also with no particular surprise that the full routing mandate is not so rigorously applied to local airlines. In a world where we are trying to decrease our use of carbon fuels I wonder if there are any of our compadres who can throw any light on when this madness will stop.

kick the tires
8th Jun 2010, 08:22
They are the worlds most skilled controllers - at diverting other aircraft off track so that Spanish aircraft can over/undertake!

If only they were fair and honourable in their activities; they would then be respected by all, rather than laughed at.

8th Jun 2010, 08:30
Already being discussed here (http://www.pprune.org/questions/416995-spanish-atc.html)