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3rd Jun 2010, 14:54
UAL901, B744, FRA-SFO, 2008.01.15, Anyone have any more information on this incident as reported by CBS news ?

Video Library - cbs5.com (http://cbs5.com/video/[email protected]<hidden>)

The story is high on drama and light on actual facts (typical media). From what little information you can read off the documents it appears they ended up on the LDA approach course for runway 28R when they were expecting to be on the ILS approach track. The LDA localizer is offset and would explain the depicted track they show for the second approach. The database error appears to have something to do with the identifiers for the 2 approaches in the FMS, they apparently entered the LDA approach thinking it was the ILS in the FMS ? Then thought they were seeing a map shift as they approached the localizer ? There is no mention of this incident in the ASRS or NTSB databases, probably because appart from flying the wrong localizer track it was a non-event, but still lots of unanswered questions, it would be interesting to know the whole story.


18th Jun 2010, 08:33
I have been looking for the final report about this flight and an explanation on how a wrong data base, if that was the case, can affect the final approach of an aircraft flying on autopilot and practically prepare for an auto land.
If they made a mistake and chose the LDA approach, how did they continue the descent without a glide slope indication and the A/P engaged ? Before the approach they should have checked the correct frequency, minimums, inbound course, etc, etc.
Besides, this must have been a multiple cockpit crew flight, nobody noticed anything wrong? No SOP's were followed? or was it fatigue? :(

On the other hand, if it really was an "error" in the database, can it lead to a false capture of the ILS even if it is tuned manually? This would be very scary, mainly, like flight UAL 901, during an approach in IMC -CAT1, 2 or 3- because I don't think there is a way to detect it on time :{.

Shore Guy
18th Jun 2010, 21:17
Video Library - cbs5.com (http://cbs5.com/video/[email protected]<hidden>)

Don't know how long this link will stay active, but a strange story. Two UAL friends have heard nothing about this. Nothing on the NTSB site.

Anyone have any information on this?

About a 6 minute video.......

18th Jun 2010, 21:33
FWIW, here's the mentioned original thread:

1/15/2008 UA 901 FRA-SFO diverted to OAK (http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/united-mileage-plus/779632-1-15-2008-ua-901-fra-sfo-diverted-oak-updated-2010-news-reports.html)

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