View Full Version : GF Where's my increment!!

16th Jul 2001, 18:31
All this talk about salary hike's only 9% at Cathay, only 10% at BA, 30% at Iberia, 5% at Emirates,etc, etc. At GF there has not been an increment paid in six years!! we have no union and a dept of labour who are not interested in the rights of the individual.The message from management is clear take it or leave it, loyalty has no value and is therefore not rewarded. :(

16th Jul 2001, 20:10
Paying for the new management wheels!!! :mad:

16th Jul 2001, 21:04
From the looks of things, you're lucky you have a job....much less an increment...it's DLR time for you...

five percent
16th Jul 2001, 21:24
come on now don't be greedy!

We had the first pay rise for 20 years last year and that increment you mentioned six years ago.

We've paid for the JFK's, AAN's and kilimanjaros, the nice houses, the cars and the duty travel.

Now its zero tolerance - one mistake and your gone - why bother poncing around and thanking those who've supported the company over the years - let's get tough and get rid of them now the owner states have coughed up the money for a year and beg you all to stay and be nice in a years time!