View Full Version : Cabin call bell 737ng

28th Apr 2010, 18:34
The bell has a light which illuminates for a period of time when cabin crew call the cockpit...is this time 30seconds or 40seconds? (Exam Question)

28th Apr 2010, 18:48
Whatever the answer is, the nature of this type of question is not to present specific knowledge, but to get the student into the books and become familiar with the tools that are available. My guess is 30 seconds, what's your's?

28th Apr 2010, 18:50
well i got the books out, my FCOM doesn't have an answer for this Q. I have completed 2 different website Q banks and one says 30 seconds and ther other says 40....

My guess so is 35 seconds!:}

28th Apr 2010, 19:03
35? Probably less than 50/50 that that will be right. Unless you are required to have 100% or be punished I would take a guess and note that it was not clear where to find the info. Hopefully the examiner will illuminate where to find the answer. Depending on where you are, sometimes there isn't an answer, only a goose chase to see how you chase geese.
These exams are frustrating at times, don't bog down on the minutia, keep a clear view of where you are going.