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25th Apr 2010, 15:28
The usual suspects plus a few new entries...

United Kingdom
Sir Richard Branson - 18th - 2,600m
The Swire Family (Cathay Pacific/Dragon Air) - 35th - 1,400m
Stelios Haji-Ioannou - 71st - 820m
Carl Hirschmann (Jet Aviation) - 103rd - 600m
The Walker Family (FlyBe) - 103rd - 600m
Naresh Goyal (Jet Airways) - 149th - 464m
Sir Peter Rigby (Patriot Aviation) - 158th - 430m
Andrew Davis (London Heliport) - 244th - 292m
David Hood (Multiflight) - 255th - 260m
James and John Martin (worlds oldest maker of ejector seats!) - 260th - 250m
Sir Michael Bishop - 309th - 200m
Stephen and Peter Bond (Bond Aviation) - 430th - 151m
David Crossland (Founder of Airtours) - 406th - 130m
Derek Coates (Blue Island Airways) - 653rd - 100m
James Gaggero (Bland Group Plc, GB Airways) - 714th - 90m

Ireland in 's
The Ryan Family - 10th - 491m
Michael O'Leary - 15th - 376m
Padraig O'Ceidigh (Aer Arran) - Didn't make the list! - 28m

25th Apr 2010, 15:39
Why don't you start with Roman Abramovich? He is No 2 with 7.400m, and his fleet is airline size! :}

Stop Stop Stop
25th Apr 2010, 15:59
And these Airline owners would have you believe there is no money in aviation.

Remind them when it is time for a payrise!

25th Apr 2010, 16:24
2009: Sir Michael Bishop - 207th - 280m
2010: Sir Michael Bishop - 309th - 200m (after getting 223m for his bmi stake)
Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke!

25th Apr 2010, 20:55
Well having swallowed a pay freeze last year from my employer Flybe and knowing how poorly we are paid (Most F/O's earn less than the fuellers who refuel the plane perhaps our cash strapped owners and managers might see fit to dig into their 600m fortune to help out...

Useful ammunition for the BALPA pay negotiations methinks...

Same of course is true of the Ryanair crowd too who regularly seem to like taking whatever abuse their staggeringly rich CEO likes to dish out.

Seems to me that we need a bit better division of the spoils of success in this industry which is becoming more like the Lancashire cotton mills everyday...


26th Apr 2010, 11:11
Nobody ever got rich by working for somebody else. If you don't like what you're being paid now, go and start up your own company, like most of the above entrepreneurs did. Then, if you're good enough, you could one day be up there on the rich list having people moan about you on the internet.

Simples :)

26th Apr 2010, 11:16
Dodo56 - :ok:

26th Apr 2010, 11:31
Desk Pilot

With Due respect to your comments re individual Wealth

Most of the people on the list although in Aviation did not make there money in Aviation(In fact most of them have probably lost more than the made in Aviation.

Whilst I note you work for FlyBe the Walker Family did not make there money in Airlines they were one of the Largest Steel Stockholders in the

Jack Walker (RIP) started his aviation Career by Forming Spacegrand at Blackpool Many years ago it then after lots of Cash Injections by Jack became what is now the Flybe Empire.

Mr Crossland started Airtours with 1 Shop in Burnley and again developed the business to its Hayday before its amalgamation into the Thos Cook Empire it is today.

Mr Crossland was worth a Lot more 10 Years ago than he is today an d in fact only started Airtours (The Airline) after Hispana a Spanish Operator went bust together with a few smaller Airlines which left him in the ShXt somewhat.

Richard Branson Likewise has made his money in Virgin Records and the many other companies he formed and later sold.

The rumour is Virgin Atlantic is only a Hobby as his parents would not buy him Airfix Kits when he was a Child (I stand to be corrected re a Hobby only so please dont shoot me down its only my opinion)

As the last Post said they all took a Gamble and it Paid off.

(Unlike the 3 Legged Nag I backed in the National)

So I dont agree with your comments but thats your opinion which you are entitled to have.


NO I am not The Long lost son of Mr Walker or Mr Crossland or Mr(Sir) Richard

26th Apr 2010, 16:10
Ah the good old politics of envy.

Would you rather work for a loser?

26th Apr 2010, 17:48
Well having swallowed a pay freeze last year from my employer Flybe and knowing how poorly we are paid (Most F/O's earn less than the fuellers who refuel the plane perhaps our cash strapped owners and managers might see fit to dig into their 600m fortune to help out...

For many years, Jersey European/British European/Flybe would regularly go cap-in-hand to Jack Walker, and later his family, asking for money to keep the airline afloat. Jack and his family never failed to come up with the cash, which is why you have a job now. They poured millions into the company, particularly under the leadership of Barry Perrott. I remember one day carrying Barry and Jim French down to Jersey for an emergency meeting with the Trustees - Flybe was hours from calling in the receivers, and yet once again the Trustees coughed up several million more to keep Flybe alive.

Sure, you could argue that they were only looking after their own interests, but the fact remains that they could have just as easily cut their losses (which were considerable) and put 1500 people out of work.

At the end of the day, an airline is a business and must stand or fall on it's ability to make a profit. All employees are stakeholders in that, and shouldn't be surprised if asked to tighten their belts when times are tough. Quite why you think you are automatically entitled to raid the owner's wallet to improve your own lifestyle is quite beyond me. That is just thinly-veiled communism (and/or the old green-eyed monster rearing it's head).

Start your own company, and if you make as much money as they have, you will be entitled to moan.

26th Apr 2010, 18:17
the secret to making a small fortune in aviation is to start with a large one? N'est pas?

Sir George Cayley
26th Apr 2010, 20:21
No sign of Monarch's owner(s) :confused:

For such a long term successful airline I'd have thought an honourable mention at least.

Sir George Cayley

26th Apr 2010, 20:26
Hello Sir George,

Is he/she UK based?

The worlds number 1 just out of interest is The Walton Family, (as in Walmart, not John Boy) with a wealth of over half a trillion US dollars!

26th Apr 2010, 21:39
Wasnt the richest an Mexican guy now ahead of Buffet and Gates?

26th Apr 2010, 22:22
Monarch's owners are listed on the Top Secret Swiss rich list.

26th Apr 2010, 22:54
Good luck to anyone who succeeds. Many more people have lost their fortunes trying to run an airline than have made one. How many airline failures there have been in the past 20 years?

I quote one of my "millionaire" bosses: "You can make a lot of money fast running an airline. The trouble is, you can lose a lot more, a lot faster."

All I ask is that the successful entrepreneurs treat their staff as adults and human beings, and give them a fair share of the rewards of success, because they would not have a successful airline without dedicated professionals who also take risks (family relocations and the like) and also stand to lose their home and income if the company fails.

26th Apr 2010, 23:44
Nobody ever got rich by working for somebody else.

I wouldn't say the same about Goldman Sachs, doing god's work has its rewards. :}

27th Apr 2010, 19:09
2009 The Times Europe top 100 Rich List:

82= Sergio Mantegazza Switzerland Travel 1.8bn

That would make Monarch backers richer than Cathay!

5th May 2010, 10:35
Dodo 56 you have turned this thread in to a breath of fresh air, well done! At last we have some mature acceptance of a businessman's right to reward, without the usual "we are pilots so why can't we have a larger share of his money" etc. etc.