View Full Version : CFM engine on the 320?

23rd Apr 2010, 04:49
I know this engine has 2 igniters A and B.

but how many Canisters, how many injectors?

the fcom doesn't say much about the engines!!!

23rd Apr 2010, 05:48
Does an axial flow turbofan have canisters? It's got a combustion chamber, but I thought only centrifugal flow engines had canisters.

A quick google search came up with twenty fuel nozzles.

Flight Crew Operating manuals tend to tell the Flight Crew how to Operate. Knowing how many rivets hold the thing together isn't that relevent.

23rd Apr 2010, 10:24
20 fuel nozzles, 16 of which are standard and 4 are pilot nozzles.

A burner staging valve limits use to 10 nozzles at low power and opens to allow use of all 20 at high power or take off settings. ECU controlled via fuel pressure from the HMU.

These nozzles feed fuel into a combustion case assembly as per the post above.

24th Apr 2010, 15:00
It's an ANNULAR combustor - Look it up. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combustor)

24th Apr 2010, 17:40
Well, this IS the same guy who insists you can be an FO in a P2F scheme on a PPL.

His knowledge of engines seems to be up there with his knowledge of air law....

25th Apr 2010, 21:51
you can get SAC and DAC engines (single, dual annular chambers) there is some thing in the part number that signifies a DAC engine. it is possible to mix (have on either wing) but there should be a notive in the cockpit to inform crew. can remember how many fuel nozzles there were but there was still only 2 igniters.
they are a pain in the backside to boroscope too((DAC's that is)