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14th Apr 2010, 05:33
Just chatting with a fellow mexican spotter, he just told me that an A300 reg: XA-TUE from AeroUnion Cargo crashed in a highway during takeoff climb phase...few minutes ago... 5am UTC.

Fire Fighters are onsite and the mexican Army has cordoned off the area...

Media reports had confirmed that the 5 members of the crew perished in this unfortunate crash

METAR at the time of the crash...

METAR MMMY 140420Z 11012KT 3SM SHRA BKN006 OVC025CB 20/19 A2999 RMK 8/9// SHRAB15 LTGIC=


14th Apr 2010, 06:50
FOXNews.com - Reports: Cargo Plane Crashes in Mexico (http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/04/14/reports-cargo-plane-crashes-mexico/?test=latestnews)

14th Apr 2010, 07:26
I understand the flight was departing Monterray to LAX, rather than on approach.

14th Apr 2010, 07:59
@ Jim

Thanks for the heads up...

Plane involved


Super VC-10
14th Apr 2010, 11:39
What does the RMK 8/9// in the METAR mean?

14th Apr 2010, 12:02
Type of clouds.

14th Apr 2010, 12:47
Interesting times. An Airbus, a Tupolev & a Boeing jet all w/o in less than a week.

Possible ground casualties too?

14th Apr 2010, 13:45
From the limited preliminary info, yes, some ground casualties. It looks like it was during approach, not during takeoff. The wreckage is just west of RWY 11. The reported winds were from the east.

14th Apr 2010, 14:01
Bobman84, think I would include the Cathay A330 in that list, didn't crash, but there for the grace of god. . . . :eek:

14th Apr 2010, 19:01
Statement from Airbus about the AeroUnion A300 accident, includes info about the a/c; confirms five crew members on board:

Aero Union Flight 302 accident near Monterrey Mexico (http://www.airbus.com/en/presscentre/crisis_statement/Flight302_AeroUnion.html)

16th Apr 2010, 01:47
Deleted photo - photo was posted in Columbian News and reported to be
the accident aircraft in this thread, apologies to all.

rob. CYKZ

16th Apr 2010, 13:40
Looks like #2 is in reverse... (maybe due to inpact force?).

16th Apr 2010, 13:59
Looks like #2 is in reverse... (maybe due to inpact force?).

Bill Occam suggests: could be a side cowl over the fan missing?

tongue in cheek mode

16th Apr 2010, 14:58
I think the reverser itself is missing.

16th Apr 2010, 16:40
This picture does NOT show the AeroUnion A300 crashed in Mexico. Itīs a crop of a picture of the Fedex MD 11 crashed in Tokyo!


Fedex tokyo image by pushpinderbagga on Photobucket (http://media.photobucket.com/image/fedex%20tokyo/pushpinderbagga/FedExCrash/FedEx-Cargo-Plane-Crash-Tokyo-Pi-4.jpg)

for example

16th Apr 2010, 17:24
The picture Robbreid posted is a FedEx MD-11 that crashed in 2009.

16th Apr 2010, 18:00
Wow. Good catch.

17th Apr 2010, 00:43
Actually excellent catch!!

I'm just looking for the link, photo was posted and purported to be the accident aircraft. Came from a Columbian News Service.

Apologies for the posting, I myself hadn't caught the difference in aircraft type, let alone the FedEx accident.

fsmex.com (http://translate.google.ca/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=http://www.fsmex.com/&ei=VwTJS8nlJsK78gbF9rWGBw&sa=X&oi=translate&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CBwQ7gEwAA&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dfsmex%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26hs%3Dd4b%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official) thread on this accident.

17th Apr 2010, 03:33
Is it only me, or has anyone else noticed how extraordinary this thread is?? It's been up for a couple of days, an Airbus crashes.....and the thread is only 1 page? No amateur accident investigators, no 'RIP' messages, no endless hashing out the EXACT aircraft registration, no posting of the WX for 24 years before and after the event, etc, etc.......?? :eek:

OH....and let's not forget the required Airbus vs Boeing drive bys! :{

just curious.....:}

17th Apr 2010, 04:21
Dunno......I used to chat a fair bit with the AeroUnion guys when they were doing Menlo outa Datyon so I hope it wasn't someone I knew.....

17th Apr 2010, 04:47
I've been thinking the same thing as you.No mention over at the Freight Dogs either.Maybe because there aren't many industry people in Mexico subscribed to Pprune.Or because there's a lot going on at the moment.I don't believe for a second that no-one cares....

17th Apr 2010, 04:52
TWT....it DOES seem a bit odd, right? At first, I thought maybe it was because its a cargo flight....but THEN I recalled the Narita FedEx thread. I believe you could be right....perhaps it's due to the location....I'm ALSO quite sure that it's not apathy! :ok:

17th Apr 2010, 22:58
Possibly also since people are already preoccupied with the Polish and Cathay accidents/incidents.

18th Apr 2010, 00:13
What was the cargo?

18th Apr 2010, 00:23
That's the crucial question.