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27th Apr 2010, 21:03
"It suggests that large airplanes have some sort of a solid, massive frame that runs along the fuselage. This frame is needed to provide secure connection with wings and the tail sections with the engines. It holds the whole structure together and provides safety to passangers and crew (for example, seats may be securely fastened to the frame through the floor). If this is true, the "frame" itself must be a rather large and sturdy part of the structure."

Bielec, the professionals aren't going to answer you because your concept of aircraft construction is ridiculous, not worth their time.

But let me just say that no, there is no "solid, massive frame" in an aircraft, any more than there is in an eggshell. These are not pickup trucks. Structural strength in an airplane comes from the structure as a totality, not from "a frame."

Green Guard
27th Apr 2010, 21:27
Anyway, I don't want to take space and time on this forum to divert your topics to "unwanted" area.

Thanks and,
can you keep this promise ?

27th Apr 2010, 22:04
After all, we are peaceful bears.

I did want to combine the best of both worlds, that is, blogs. Not to miss a professional opinion exactly.
As was said, this is inordinate situation for both Russia and Poland, with far-going consequances - that's why, I apologise - I wanted not to miss something.
The Polish crew was trained post-Perestroyka, the Western way.
It's here - you should know - what they have planned, or thought as reasonable to do.
The Polish crew possible line of thought and behaviour can not be embraced well in the Smolensk, facts-on-the ground collecting company.
The pilots there know what is law for them, by Russian standards, when decision taking point, how much time takes building a "box" over an aerodrome for TU, before setting on the glissade, etc. In standard Russian understanding - but the Polish crew was trained differently.
I worked for DHL Airways, for years, for a US airline a tiny bit, ATA, long time ago, I have a clear opinion that all is different.

Anyway; today's catch of meaningful things, is only a Polish media report - if it is true - that there was a preliminary leak of info (preliminary to Wednesday announcements) - that "30 sec before the crash, on the record, is recorded in English an? autumated system command? -

Now all dispute where they were at that point 30 sec away, and when there were calls "Terrain" prior to "Pull-up".

After that

28th Apr 2010, 05:54
Stepwilk, I appreciate your answer.

28th Apr 2010, 13:06
Too many idiots who don't realise that conspiracy theories go into Jet Blast. Thread closed for now to give the conspiracy theorists time to find JB.