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1st Apr 2010, 06:12
A leading aircraft manufacturer is trialling a new “anti-drowsiness” device. A CCTV detector determines when a pilot’s eyes have been shut for more than 30 seconds. An automated warning then announces: “Are you awake?” The pilot has to cancel the warning – which involves stretching forward - within a further 10 seconds. If he/she fails to cancel the warning within the allotted time, a five-centimetre carbon-fibre rod pops up vertically from the seat cushion.

A spokesperson added:
“So far, not a single test pilot has failed to respond in a prompt manner to the aural alert. However, the physical stimulus system will remain as a deterrent against drowsiness. There was one unfortunate incident when the 10 second aural warning mysteriously was reduced to less than one second and the rod activated almost immediately. A company software engineer has been suspended pending an investigation. The test pilot is on indefinite sick leave.”


1st Apr 2010, 08:01
Ha Ha. April fool!

3rd Apr 2010, 10:35
This one sounds like it would work, but it's a tad more complex than it needs to be.

My personal technique is to affix a paper clip to a large rubber band. I hold the paper clip in my teeth, then stretch the other end of the rubber band and attach it to my bollocks. Should I then nod off at altitude, well, *snap!!*, and I'm righteously alert again ;)

3rd Apr 2010, 23:38
......actually, believe the "physical stimulus" rod activation method for drowsiness in pilots actually exists in real life - although i believe the "rod" in question is now being replaced with a barge pole and rather than having a 10 second or 1 second delay, is actually constantly in action in order to keep the relevant flight crew fully alert, ready and willing to accept anything that can be done to maximise the profit for the company whilst creating a vitally "stimulating" experience for the crew, apparently this method is now proving very, very popular with certain LoCo's around the UK and Europe.

Oh, an unwanted side effect for the crew is that the "barge pole" seems to dislodge wallets from pockets ! the new system is called "P2F" and stands for "Pole to Fly"



Pilot Positive
6th Apr 2010, 17:05
"...five-centimetre carbon-fibre rod pops up vertically from the seat cushion."


6th Apr 2010, 21:19
Another way for O'Leary to 'shaft' his pilots!!

11th Apr 2010, 02:42
:}If that stuff broke my teeth:eek:

Pugilistic Animus
11th Apr 2010, 20:15

11th Apr 2010, 20:37
Is there actually any form of 'anti-sleep' devices on flight decks these days?

I'm not sure how they work, but I've seen some on the boats on 'The Deadliest Catch." I know you can buy things which clip to your head and if your head drops for a period of time then an alarm sounds. I wonder whether commercial jets have more sophisticated measures in place?

12th Apr 2010, 03:12
IIRC there was a Boeing Eicas option to sound an alert tone if no inputs were detected over a set period of time.

Might see something like this one day.

Fatigue Monitoring System-How does it work (http://www.optalert.com/products-a-services/65.html)