View Full Version : Calling all BRAL Emb 145 f/o's based at MAN

14th Jul 2001, 22:31
I am part of the other half of the merger!
and wondering if MAN is over/under crewed on the Emb 145. Also is there alot of movement throughout the fleet!

15th Jul 2001, 01:21
Crewing level for F/O s has been low for quite sometime at Manchester,but there has been an influx over the last month or so onto the fleet.Having said that,quite a few of us are actively seeking employment elsewhere.I guess from your posting,you are wondering about a transfer to Manch ? If so, then I would say there will most certainly be space once the charter operators start recruiting, probably September time.

16th Jul 2001, 19:41
Thanks very much! your not far wrong!