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20th Mar 2010, 18:56
I read in a recent magazine article that MMO on the 787 is .92.

If true that's impressive, and the same as the 747. It seems, with a planned cruise Mach of .85 and the ability to increase that if needed Boeing continues to see the benefit of speed.

Anyone know if this MMO figure is accurate, and, out of curiosity what the VMO is ?

Check Airman
22nd Aug 2022, 18:04
Resurrecting this thread, because I had the same questions, and the answer seems harder to find than usual.

Any 787 pilots able to shed some light?

22nd Aug 2022, 21:03
​​From the FAA Type Certificate Data Sheets
787-8, 787-9, 787-10 -
VMO/MMO - 350 KEAS, 360 KIAS, / 0.90

23rd Aug 2022, 00:30
FYI, the TCDS can be located via the faa.gov website. Search for TCDS and it is fairly easy to navigate from there.

For the 787, this eventually links to

T00021SE_Rev_28.pdf (faa.gov) (https://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgMakeModel.nsf/0/77307d23dbd22592862582500069226d/$FILE/T00021SE_Rev_28.pdf)

It is useful for folks to know how to find the sheets as they contain a whole bunch of important certification data for whatever aircraft in which you may have an interest.

Check Airman
23rd Aug 2022, 03:12
Ah. The one place I didn't think to look. :ugh: