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16th Mar 2010, 20:04

Could an Airbus 380-pilot please explain what the differences are between the A320-series sidestick and the A380-sidestick? I have noticed that it doesn't have a "hole" for the thumb anymore but something gray covering it for instance...?

Trent 972
18th Mar 2010, 01:49
I went and poked my head into a A320 to compare, and they are identical to the A380 sidestick.
The A380 has the thumb indent, same as A320.

Good spot Chris...
It is not on any of the 8 A380's I've flown. ???
QF A380's are the same as MSN01
Photos: Airbus A380-841 Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/Airbus-Industrie/Airbus-A380-841/0957790/L)
Must be a 'Desert Drivers' option, for those who suffer from 'Camel Thumb'.

18th Mar 2010, 17:50
Here, you can see that there is something greyish where the thumb may be placed in the A320, what is that then?

Photos: Airbus A380-861 Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/Emirates/Airbus-A380-861/1378016/L/&sid=b8ebab5bfd7036016a50e04aaed6e875)

18th Mar 2010, 21:15
A reflection of the window.

19th Mar 2010, 08:05
Great...but please look further out on the stick, for the FO at the far right side of the stick, for the CPT at the far left side of the stick...
Does somebody have any ideas?

19th Mar 2010, 08:33
The "hole" for the thumb is still there, but yes, I can see a grey thing in the outer part

19th Mar 2010, 15:48
The 380 sidestick has two controls on it......
1. PTT. (trigger at front of stick)
2. A/P disconnect (&) Priority sw. (Red button on top)

Source : 380 FCOM


19th Mar 2010, 15:57
Trent 972:

Photos: Airbus A380-842 Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/Qantas/Airbus-A380-842/1564021/L/&sid=f9a3d7db9f0b5b64bb45cf12c463a091)

on this picture you can see your own airliners cockpit msn14 ? :) I believe I still can see it??? But maybe it's only on before delivery and after delivery they remove this "lock" on the thumb-hole...maybe...

19th Mar 2010, 17:57
They are the security tabs which are removed after payment.

If you attempt to hide the aircraft under your clothing and go through the check out with these still attached - then the alarms go off.

29th Mar 2010, 16:00
Hi christianwold,

There are some good flight deck views from this site.

A380 DELIVERY : Qantas : Virtual tour (http://www.a380delivery.com/qantas/panos/tour/tour/index.html)

Pan around using the mouse, or arrow keys. Zoom in and out using shift / ctrl or mouse scroll wheel.

Max Angle
29th Mar 2010, 16:07
Just had a look at the pics. and there is certainly a difference between these sidesticks and the ones on other Airbus FBW types. Possible that this is the new standard and they all look like this on brand new aircraft.