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16th Mar 2010, 09:05
I'm working on new project now and I need help.
Could someone point me some documents about IFR reqiurements? I need to choose instruments and all parameters which should be measured on aircraft.
I don't have any requirements to category of aircraft so I'm wondering how it should be done. I need to prepare the set of instruments for light and heavy prop, jet, rotary wing an UAV.

I'm studying annex 6, what else should I read?

tnx for help

19th Mar 2010, 11:52
Hello Yeah

Annex 6 is maybe a start but too top level. You will find that based on Annex 6 the FAA and EASA will have their own set of rules again and then for example based on EASA, the National Authorities may deviate again from this or add other requirements.

You will also have to taken into account, that IFR cert has be looked at from three different sides:
- Aircraft Systems Certification (e.g. FAR Parts 23 to 29, corresponding EASA CS 23 to 29
- Operational requirements (e.g. FAR Part 91, JAA JAR-OPS-1)
- Additional crew requirements (Training, FOM, etc.)

For your part, I believe you would have to look closer at the first two.

Just as an easy example as I am most familiar with the GA Part 23 aircraft in the EASA and FAA world:

- A GA aircraft certified to FAR Part 23 or EASA CS 23 will only need 1 Pitot system. If you want to operate this aircraft under JAR-OPS-1 (commercially), you will be required to carry 2 independent Pito systems

There is plenty of examples like this..

Hope this helps a bit.