View Full Version : -1000 PA restrictions

12th Mar 2010, 09:33
TO and LDG operations are generally prohibited when PA is below -1000 feet.
Does anybody figure out the reason?


12th Mar 2010, 12:19
During certification they couldn`t find a hole deep enough.


12th Mar 2010, 18:40
Kollsman window can be selected up to 31 inches or 1050 hpa, so in this such a high pressure enviroment PA would be -1.000 when airfield elevation is 80 feet or below.
TO and LDG charts donīt show PA below -1.000. Is this really a limitation? or just manufactures do not perform flight test certification in these conditions.
There are few airfields in California below SL (e.g. Furnace Creek apt -210ī) not to mention Bar Yehuda Masada in Israel where elevation is -1266ī,in this aerodrome PA is below -1000 if QNH is above 1004 hpa.
Anyone has ever To/Ldg in these areas?

Any answer will be appreciated....

Idle Thrust
12th Mar 2010, 18:58
It has been a long time since I heard an altimeter called a "Kollsman" - brings back memories of flying into Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.