View Full Version : 744 delayed due to broken water heater?

11th Mar 2010, 14:50
On arrival to my departure gate yesterday I was told that our flight delayed for 3 hours due to "galley heating problems". When we finally got underway the FO announced that the water heater element for the water tank that feeds the aft galley and toilet had to be replaced as the feeder tank was outside the pressurised cabin and the water in said tank would freeze once we got hight enough!

Is that really true or has it been dumbed down for passenger understanding?

Usually they tell you nothing but the "engineering issue" story so I would like to know why so much detail all of a sudden.


11th Mar 2010, 17:41
It may be partly true, I have no idea what the delay was for, however the FO was incorrect as the water and toilet tanks are in the pressure hull. The galley drain lines and mast are heated when they leave the pressure hull though.

gas path
11th Mar 2010, 18:17
The water supply pipes and the drain lines run up the side wall and have heater ribbons, if they fail you either get no water to the galley or in the case of the drain lines a 'grey water' flood in the cabin.:yuk:

11th Mar 2010, 22:25
The tanks on a 744 are in pressurized areas, but the lines from the tanks run close to the fuselage skin in some areas and they require heating elements.

If you have no water for rinsing toilet bowls, washing your face, brushing your teeth, making tea/coffee, etc, the flight can get most uncomfortable.