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10th Mar 2010, 23:48
I thought I would repost this in the Tech Log section. I already put this in the Engineerss and Technician forum and have received no responses. I fear its going to drop off the radar soon.
I'm looking for any information regarding the engine and prop control rigging on a DeHavilland Dash 7. We have an old mockup of the engine and prop control system but it is in poor condition and we have very little information on it.
If anyone could supply any description and operation information and specific rigging procedures for the engine and prop controls, I would greatly appreciate it. It makes a great project for the students.

11th Mar 2010, 08:31

The Air Niugini Ground school section used to have lots of information on the types they operated and they had Dash 7's for a long time. Ask them or their Maintenance section, if they can assist.



11th Mar 2010, 11:18
You could always buy a new one they are very reasonably priced, I also have a Dash 7 tooling and equipment manual you could have for half price it was ordered by mistake (in December) see link for viking.
Viking Air - Technical Publications (http://www.vikingair.com/content.aspx?id=282)

11th Mar 2010, 22:31
Thanks to the both of you for your input. I will check into Viking Air. I appreciate the offer of the tooling Matkat but I believe we have all we need. I am mainly looking for maintenance manual info.