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Capt Pit Bull
13th Apr 2001, 08:50
Can't find the original thread. This is perhaps more suitable for Terms and Endearment, but it follows on from a question raised in the original thread on this one.

What am I looking for with regards to integration with BA?

Well, I don't really care about pay.

I'm not salivating eagerly for the chance to bid onto some long haul fleet. I get bored in the cruise to JER, by the end of a trip across the pond I'd be stark staring bonkers (O.K. - some people say I am already!)

I couldn't care less what aircraft I fly.

The only thing I do care about is quality of life.

Perhaps someone at BA might be able to tell me how seniority affects rostering. I've heard it said that seniority allows more senior crews to get the trips they want, whilst the more junior get the dross that is left over. If this is the case, although I'll be fine in the short term, what will happen when either (a) The RJ fleet is binned and I have to change type, to find the majority of people there are more senior or (b) the older guys on the RJ fleet retire (or leave in disgust) and other BA pilots, who are perhaps young (but senior to all of us) and would be presented with an early command opoortunity, bid in to replace them.

If seniority does affect rostering then my lot in life will probably get suddenly (case A) or progressively (case B) worse.

Can anyone with familiarity of the BA system please comment.

Second question. What increments are paid for trainers?

Must go. Early airport standby beckons. TIA.


17th Apr 2001, 01:06
Capt Pitbull, sir!

I believe CF is being integrated into the EOG operations. As such, the bidding system doesn't have as much of an effect as it does within 'mainline' operations, the rules are somewhat different - don't know how exactly as EOG isn't my area, but I believe for some time you won't notice much change. As I understand things, everyone at CF will be 'frozen' on type(s) for 5 years which will preclude any sudden change to your lifestyle.

I shouldn't worry too much about people bidding onto the RJs ahead of you. People with about 3-4 years seniority can get commands on 73's etc. The cadets with this level of seniority don't have enough hours for a command so tend to bid onto the '400 or 777 since most of them want to try longhaul after several years flying out of LGW. By the time people get around to bidding onto the CF fleets you yourself should have enough seniority to have quite a nice lifestyle thank-you very much!

In other words, don't sweat it. There are plenty of opportunities in BA to do pretty much whatever you like as long as you have the time left in your career. I certainly won't be in any rush to go back to a SH command I'm quite happy going around the world playing golf!