View Full Version : Jeppview for Apple Mac???

3rd Mar 2010, 07:56
Can any one please tell me if Jeppview can be used on Apple Mac? If so, how? Thinking of getting the new iPad once it arrives here in Australia.

3rd Mar 2010, 08:35
The iPad is not a mac, it is basicly an enlarged iPod touch. I really doubt Jeppesen has anything for that platform yet even if they have a mac version of jeppview. Anyway, on a mac (powerbook, ibook, imac) jeppview will certainly run as you can run windows anyway on those products.

Capt Claret
3rd Mar 2010, 10:29
Last time I checked their website, within months, Jepview required windoze to run.

4th Mar 2010, 10:22
I use Jeppview with no problem as it is run in a browser, it doesnt matter what platform you use. If I wish to keep a copy I use the .pdf funtion and save.