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27th Feb 2010, 00:30
Does anyone know if there are HF VOLMET broadcasts for Libya / Tunisia?


27th Feb 2010, 08:18
According to this site

HF Volmet Broadcasts (http://www.dxinfocentre.com/volmet-wx.htm)

there are not.

ambarak hamed
27th Feb 2010, 17:31
now tripoli hf is good you can just give them a call and you will get wx or use vhf for sebha twr or kufra twr

27th Feb 2010, 20:35
11300 is never working too well for us..... Unless in the far south.

27th Feb 2010, 21:01
Sadly, 11300 is shared by Cairo, Tripoli, Addis, Khartoum and (I think) Nairobi...and many voices at night, all trying to talk over one another.
Not a good scenario.
We fly lower (FL270/280) as a result, and have no traffic problems, as we are always very heavy.
Besides...the slight additional block time is charged...accordingly.:E
Not a problem with the L10, with very efficient Rollers installed....even at lower flight levels.