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16th Feb 2010, 08:17
Hi Just wondering what the EK planning exercise is about. I believe it is part of the recruiting process. Does anybody know where I can get some info on this exercise and is there any website that could provide similar exercises to get some practice on.

17th Feb 2010, 11:03
Seeing there is no reply. I believe Gulf Air have a similar Planning Exercise for pilot recruitment. Would certainly like to hear from somebody who has done it. Or if they would like to message me.



19th Feb 2010, 04:31
Are you refering to the "Team Building Exercise?" Or have they come up with another game over there?

capt. solipsist
19th Feb 2010, 04:49
If you are referring to the "Team-Building Exercise," I think they've already scrapped the thing (unverified). Had a friend who went through screening for FlyDubai, wholly owned by EK, and conducted by EK people in the spanking and sprawling EK Trng Bldg, and there was no more of that nonsense.

But what I know of it is this:

In one instance, 7 applicants from different airlines, with different training backgrounds and rated on different aircraft are gonna be made to work together and...

1. Arrange a set of 9 statements in order of priority on what makes a good airline. The group must come to a consensus within 10 mins. They'd want a volunteer to moderate and do the whiteboard.

2. The same set of people would have to solve a murder case, within time limits of course.

3. You'd be presented with an array of what looks like oversized LEGO pieces and create (as a group) something "mobile, useful, and beautiful." There are certain rules to follow (candidate A cannot touch Red pieces, candidate B can only touch Yellow and Green, etc.)

4. There's one more that eludes me for the moment.

If you must ask what good this is all gonna be to qualify to work in an environment where training commonality, preparation and teamwork is essential, my answer is: I DON'T BLOODY KNOW.

19th Feb 2010, 08:21
This is not a team building exercise. Apparently it goes something like this. Flight plan is from A-B-C. With problems like dispatching with an MEL item which compounds the problem down route, limited fuel supplies down route and then flight time limitations come in to the equation. I believe EK and GF use it. Just want a better idea of how it is presented.