View Full Version : J-31/32 on 800m?

15th Feb 2010, 21:47
A friend said to me that the Jetstream 31/32 is possible to fly at 800m? Is this true, with full pax for maybe 30-40min flight? I have tried to find something on the net, but I didnīt managed.
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15th Feb 2010, 22:13
I take it you mean 800m runway

No chance with 1100m runway and no climb out issues for a 30 min flight plus 20min div fuel your were limited to 8 male pax. And thats at sea level and temp below 25deg.

You could get one in and out of that size of runway but it would only be with the crew onboard and not alot of fuel and you couldn't do it public transport regs.

J31's have been into Perth(Scone) in the UK to get paint jobs done and its 850m.

15th Feb 2010, 22:28
Thanks for the answer!

16th Feb 2010, 10:04
That said it wouldn't suprise me if its being done in some parts of the world.

MTOW we just used to get airbourne before 800m and landing with a heafty burst of reverse you could get her stopped in about 500m.