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13th Feb 2010, 20:32
For those who are used to getting a service from Scottish Info, I've a question.

It's been two years since I last ventured into Scotland, and pretty much all of my previous trips involved leaving the Northern Irish coast from the northern shore, heading north.

Previous trips predate the introduction of the new Basic Service/Traffic Service/etc.

In the past, I've always requested and received without fail, a radar information service from Scottish Information.

Today I went to Castle Kennedy, so left the Northern Ireland coast from the eastern shore, a fair bit south of Belfast. A traffic service was not available today.

I'm just curious if this is due to:
1. That part of Scotland not being covered by radar, and where I've got handed over from Belfast to Scottish previously (further north) is in an area that is covered,
2. A change in service levels has occured since the change from FIS/RIS to Basic Service/Traffic Service, and a traffic service is no longer available from Scottish Info, or
3. Just unlucky today, or had been lucky in the past.

No complaints....Scottish were busy working a number of frequencies, and were as helpful as they could be. I just want to understand what service is available now from Scottish, and in what area(s). If Traffic is no longer available, or isn't available in this area, but is in others, then I won't bother to ask for it in future if it simply can't be given ;)


13th Feb 2010, 23:56
It depends on who your talking to no doudt Fisbangwallop will arrive to give you the real deal.

Scottish info is normally a none radar information service.

Sometimes they band box it it onto the upper frequency's which means you get an area controller on the other end instead of our ever friendly AFISO's which do the work normally.

The area controller has a radar in front of them instead of a pen and bit of paper and a biscuit. If the Area controller is a nice chap or chapess they will give you the full monty, if the freq isn't bandboxed you have the pen and paper information service.

Your lucky you should try flying at f:mad: me its early in the morning some poor sod is doing the whole of the west coast of scotland including the over the pond flights. Never tried to use scottish info at that time but I suspect the usual voices will be still tucked up in bed.

In fact can we rename the services in the Scottish FIR to "Bugger all,next to bugger all and the full monty" any suggestion what we can change procedural to?.

With these name changes there might be a hope in hell of none Brits actually understanding what service they are getting.

14th Feb 2010, 09:28
Scottish Information on 119.875 is manned by FISO's and therefore the only service you will recieve will be a non radar "Basic Service", the area covered is shown in the UK Air Pilot and is from MSL to FL055 inc...Above that level FIR service's are provided by one of the radar sectors so therefore a "Traffic Service" may be provided.

If you are operating to the North of Nth Ireland towards Islay etc you would work Scottish Info on 127.275, this is a radar sector and therefore a "TS" may be available. I will post a link to the UK Air Pilot page that shows the map of FIR service's available once I get my hands on it later this morning.:cool::cool::cool::cool:

14th Feb 2010, 11:27
OK if you can get your head around the link below it should explain the frequencies to use in certain areas......but as I said before on 119.875 the only service you will recieve is a "Basic Service".....albeit a very friendly one :ok::ok::ok:

Also 119.875 is only open between 0800-2000 local...:cool::cool:


14th Feb 2010, 12:07
Hi DP, we were at Castle Kennedy yesterday too (182 and TB20). Took a taxi to Port Patrick for lunch. Was that you in the PA28 ?

When we departed we flew at around 1500' over Port Patrick and then up the coast towards Prestwick.

Initially contact with Scottish Info on 119.875 was good but as predicted by Scottish we lost 2 way until just south of Girvan. Dont recall this happening before but we were lower than previous trips.

Curious as to why that would be as Lowther Hill was well visible to our right.

14th Feb 2010, 12:18
140kias....nice to talk yesterday.....hope GTYNE bought the lunch!!, was it the "Crown" you went to, best seafood pancakes around :ok::ok: As for R/T coverage in the CK area between Stranraer and Girvan below 2000ft is poor as the signal from Lowther Hill is shielded by the "Merrick" hill.

Hope to talk again soon....:cool::cool::cool:

14th Feb 2010, 12:18
"well visible" - that's so bad grammar

14th Feb 2010, 12:41
Yep, it was the Crown - didnt see Seafood Pancakes on the menu. It was 3 x Steak and Ale in Giant Yorkshire Pud. Well Good :O

Thanks for the RT explantation. Looks like I mistood Merrick Hill for Lowther Hill.

14th Feb 2010, 13:28
Looks like I mistood Merrick Hill for Lowther Hill.

Lowther has the golf ball on the top :cool:

14th Feb 2010, 13:43
Thanks Mad Jock & Fisbangwollop,

I had that chart on my kneeboard ;) It is somewhat confusing because it does say for 119.875 "Traffic information available up to FL55, outside CAS. Other flight information available at all levels".

I was at 4000ft one direction/2000ft the other direction.

But thanks for your info. It explains exactly what I wanted to know. 127.275 has radar and may be able to offer a TS in its area, but 119.875 can not. Thank you :ok:

Hi 140KIAS,

Yes, that was me in the Arrow. Nice looking aircraft you guys have ;)


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