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12th Feb 2010, 21:48
Can anybody please help me with a link to an accident in the 90s IIRC in which a light a/c (IIRC a twin) collided with National Grid power cables on the approach to Stapleford with fatal outcome.

(This is not the Gulfstream G-TANI which struck the cables and landed safely)

I've shoved just about every key word into the AAIB database I can think of and drawn a blank.

Help with the year/aircraft type/ or other details would be gratefully received.

Did you fly from Stapleford in the 90s? Can you remember anything?

Many thanks


13th Feb 2010, 06:39
Perhaps the incident which you seek is the crash of a single, a Robin I think, on either Christmas day or Boxing Day. Year uncertain but definitely in the period 1995 to 2005. It was on approach from the North and I think two or three souls died.

13th Feb 2010, 07:34
Thanks very much: I've managed to find the AAIB link from elsewhere:
Your recollection is pretty accurate.


13th Feb 2010, 08:39
Googling: staplford crash power

revelead: Four killed after plane hits electricity cables - UK, News - The Independent (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/four-killed-after-plane-hits-electricity-cables-1388574.html)

'Chuffer' Dandridge
13th Feb 2010, 16:17
G-TCAR it was, a Robin HR100/210 Safari. For those who want to read it:

G-TCAR AAIB Report (http://www.aaib.gov.uk/publications/bulletins/march_1995/pierre_robin_hr100_210_safari_ii__g_tcar.cfm)

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