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5th Feb 2010, 22:57
Hello, I `m currently doing the A320 type rating and just got 2 questions.

1) QRH Landing with Slats or Flaps Jammed

There is a table with maximum speeds for different configurations. Why can you choose a slat setting of above 3 (last column). In my opinion we just have 3 different slat settings, but obviously we can have a configuration of more than 3? How is this possible? Its not the flap lever were talking here, right?

2)QRH Fuel leak checklist Case 2
If both inner tanks deplete at a similar rate. A leak from the Center tank or the APU feeding line may be suspected.

Why does a leak in the APU feeding line let the both inner tanks deplete at a similar rate? I think the APU is feeded by the left fuel manifold, so the left tank should deplete more than the right one!

If anyone can help me explaining these questions, that woud be more than great.


6th Feb 2010, 04:57
check fcom1.27.50 pg 5
the slat does not move when the lever is moved from 2 to 3 it remains at 22units.when lever moved to full slats move to 27units:)

6th Feb 2010, 09:47
1) Yes it relates to Slat position corresponding to the Flap Lever position, if that is clearer than mud... remember that the QRH has to cover every possible flight phase and config, so..

If the Slats jam on retraction on the first part of a go-around in CONF FULL then the S > 3 line applies.
If the Flaps are jammed and the slats are working you land with the lever in CONF 3 so you use the S = 3 speeds.

2) Not sure about this - but would a leak in the APU fuel line use more than 600kg/hour (see definition of a similar rate)?

9th Feb 2010, 00:24
comparing case1 and case2 ,the fact that both inner tanks are depleting at the same rate eliminates leak from engine/wing and as a consequence narrow down the suspects to center tanks or apu feeding line.
hope that helps:)

10th Feb 2010, 12:53
similar rate, not same rate - 600kg/hr difference equals "similar" in Airbusspeak.

10th Feb 2010, 13:56
point noted and agreed.:)