View Full Version : High altitude wake turbulence

5th Feb 2010, 22:09
While enroute when a big jet flies past at 1,000 feet above, if feasable, do you ever ask ATC for a slight heading change for a few miles or just hope for the best?

"An Embraer ERJ 190-100, C-FLWH operated by Air Canada as flight ACA 1127, was cruising enroute at FL340. An opposite-direction Boeing 747 passed overhead at FL350 on a reciprocal track. About 1 minute after the flights passed, ACA 1127 experienced a roll excursion to the left and a nosedown pitch excursion. During the altitude excursion, ACA 1127 descended to FL 332 and deviated about one NM left of track. ACA 1127 climbed back to FL 340 and continued to destination without further incident.

galaxy flyer
5th Feb 2010, 22:29
I would!

In the early days of NAT RVSM, in a C-5, a 747 passed a 1,000 above. I didn't overly much about it, until about 5 minutes later, the plane rapidly rolled 20 degrees or so and the autopilot tripped off, unable to counter the roll. I had about the mass and 30 feet more wingspan.

I am surprised there are not more upsets of RJs and smaller bizjets in the thirties.