View Full Version : 744 Circuit Fuel?

5th Feb 2010, 16:03
What ball park figures do you use for 744:

A) Visual circuit

B) Radar circuit to say 10nm final.

5th Feb 2010, 16:08
Hi mfds.

A) 1200kgs

B) 2500kgs


6th Feb 2010, 18:10
Thanks eckhard,

I gues they are for around mid weights, 250,000Kg?

7th Feb 2010, 01:16
The one go-around I've done on the -400 was in FRA, with a subsequent long downwind to 20+ miles out to slot us into traffic, and that cost us 4 tons (at about 250t weight): would also be curious to hear what figures other -400 pilots use.

(On the classic it was possibly closer to 5t :})

7th Feb 2010, 01:34
Depending on how wide you are vectored, I think 3-3500kgs for vectors to a 10nm final would be pretty close.
I once did a go-around with the gear left down due to gear indication problems, we landed 20min later having used 5200kgs

By George
7th Feb 2010, 01:38
Similar 1) Missed app or T/O to initial set Hdg 2100kg
2) Circuit 1400kg
3) 30 min fiexed Res 4800kg
4) taxi 1000kg
There is a lot of local knowledge in real life, for example a missed app on HKG 07L takes 5 ton to fly 'the square' and get back. As mentioned same for FRA to rejoin the daisy chain and God knows in places like JFK, still trying to work those people out.

By George
7th Feb 2010, 01:46
just read the question again. 1400kg for circuit, 2500 for vectored circuit to 10 mile final.

galaxy flyer
7th Feb 2010, 01:59
Not exactly the same, but a C-5 w/ GE CF-6s burns 5000 pounds a radar pattern to an 10 nm ILS--go-around to touchdown. I know because one week I flew 62 patterns in 12.9 hours of flight time. And innumerable other trainers.