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2nd Feb 2010, 17:31
Who communicates if ECAM actions are stoped temporarely for after take off checklist reading, for example?


2nd Feb 2010, 19:24
In our airline, PF will request ECAM actions and automatically assume control of radios and comms. Unless for some reason PF has to allow PNF to assume control of a/c.

I thinks thats airbus SOP: PF "Your ECAM actions, my radios"

2nd Feb 2010, 20:41
I mean TEMPORARALY interrupted ECAM actions by PF phrase STOP ECAM ACTIONS untill his command CONTINUE ECAM ACTIONS, which are not yet completed. And if ATC controller asks smthg in this moment who should normally reply?

Dream Land
3rd Feb 2010, 02:50
Ideally, since the PF already indicated that he has the aircraft and radios, why not remain that way until ECAM procedures are complete, but if you sense a delay after a radio transmission, go ahead and respond.

3rd Feb 2010, 03:40
PF doesn't indicat that he has contol and radios orally, duties autotrans when he calls ECAM actions,so I mean radios should go back automatically to PNF if ECAM is stoped for a while as well. And as soon as PF resumes ECAM actions completion by the Continue ECAM he has both duties again automatically. Or PF contols&communicates untill full completion of ECAM despite the ECAM action stops?

3rd Feb 2010, 04:37

Theoratically, the comm transfer to PNF does not take place until he/she says ECAM ACTIONS COMPLETE.
Stop ECAM is a temporary phase where you require PNF for some other task (retracting the flaps) and than you would ask PNF to resume ECAM again. I do not see the logic of transfer of communication so that it can be transferred back to you yet again.

3rd Feb 2010, 09:50
I'm with Desi - PF (FLY-NAVIGATE-COMMUNICATE) has the radios automatically from saying "ECAM ACTIONS" until "ECAM ACTIONS COMPLETE".

3rd Feb 2010, 11:00

Who communicates if ECAM actions are stoped temporarely for after take off checklist reading, for example?

The Pilot flying will announce loudly "stop ecam actions" and then whatever he wants the pnf to do, so read after t/o checklist, turn on engine/wing anti-ice if handflying, etc..
After that he will announce "continue ecam actions".
Ecam discipline requires that all actions are clearly stated by crew members, who has controls, radio, when to start ecam actions and when to stop. E.g On some old Airbus 32x you might have failures that require you to perform a paper checklist instead of ecam actions due to OEB application not included in the FWC. In cases like these procedure initiation only after both FCM are aware of their role is vital.


3rd Feb 2010, 13:04
hello!As I am concerned, once the PF says "ECAM action" he is responsible for the communication untill the PNF announces "ECAM action completed"

con respecto!

3rd Feb 2010, 19:18
Spasibo to all!
Such a rare solidarity!:}

Another one question on the topic. So during ECAM handling it is all clear who is who, but if we manage problem using QRH, FCOM3, consulting MEL,... - the similar procedure aimed to handle the problem, how do we share duties - automatically the same way from PF command "Refer to QRH,..." until PNF says "QRH,...procedure completed"?

Dream Land
4th Feb 2010, 04:26
Sharing duties, well since one pilot is PF, the other pilot would be the one performing duties, this is pretty common unless your airline has a different SOP.

6th Feb 2010, 05:12
"fly navigate and communicate" is what every pilot does from their first solo onwards!!!
be it a piper or A380.
So its the easiest job in a 2 crew environment.
I prefer not to interrupt my PM till he/she finishes "reconfiguring" (by switching off thing that dont work) and apply oeb/qrh and what not...
only need to monitor thrust lever,eng master sw, idg disc,eng fire sw etc.
once we reach status----(by design now the a/c has been secured to the safest possible mode for the given fault)
I would update my pm about any call made/recieved.
together we would review STS and decide next course of action.