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2nd Feb 2010, 13:38
If you were in a situation where one main gear was stuck in the up position and could not be released would you (based on a 737)

What would be the best thing to do

Land with No gear down?
Land with just the nose gear?
Land with one main and the nose?

2nd Feb 2010, 14:32
Land with all available gear down (B747 and A320).

Can't imagine the 737 will be any different.

2nd Feb 2010, 14:36
Depends mainly, I suggest, on the consequences of going off the side. If you could go back to the 1980s, you would find in the Boeing manuals quite a lot of guidance on such things as partial-gear landings, but it was all taken out at the behest of their lawyers, who were fearful of corporate liability. So, thanks, you lawyers, we are now worse off than we were before.

There are so many variables: not just obstacles off the edge of the runway, but also crosswind effects to consider - and, no, I don't have the answers. General industry experience of airliners landing with all gear up (usually unintentionally) is that they do not suffer catastrophic damage.

Just my view.

2nd Feb 2010, 15:40
If I remember my old HS748 manual it said something like
nose gear unlocked /gear down landing
1 main unlocked/ gear down landing
both main gear unlocked/ gear up landing