View Full Version : Brake temp A320

31st Jan 2010, 14:14
Hello! I have never ever seen the brake temperature on ECAME wheel page lower than +5 deg even when the a/c have been on the ground for a long time with OAT -20 deg. Any ideas?

31st Jan 2010, 15:24
The temp range the BSCU can deal with is 0 to 1000 degrees C.

This is down to the output voltage of the Brake Temp Monitoring Units on each gear, they amplify the output voltage of each brake temp sensor to a voltage from 1 to 9V.

The BSCU takes 1v as 0 deg C and 9v as 1000 deg C , at 0 deg C and below there will be no discernable output from the temp sensors so the BSCU defaults to 0.

Any voltage out of this range caused by a short circuit or probe failure will show XX on the lower ECAM DU.

3rd Feb 2010, 13:09
thank you, Fargoo!