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31st Jan 2010, 10:30
I am an Aeronautical Engineer Student and my professor has tasked me with creating as many realistic airplanes in X-Planes as possible. The only problem is that I am having trouble finding any information that will help me. If anyone can help me find FCOM,QRF,FCTM, or anything please pm or email at jnbauder07 (At) Gmail . com

Pugilistic Animus
31st Jan 2010, 20:29
Engineers read codes; look at FAR 25 and AC-25A,...if you want to be realsitic,...:8
if you plan for an novel planform...Theory of wing sections by Ira Abbott and Vandoenhoff,...will help you to predict cetain key airfoil characteristics them model it [CATIA/MATHCAD/ auto CAD.........]....I think after ONE -X-plane you and your professor will be actually ready for retirement:\

'cuz if you've projected to the 'zeta plane' once you've projected thereto a million and one times already:}

PS start imagining first:)

Pugilistic Animus
31st Jan 2010, 20:45
...of course it seems folks such as Kelly Johnson and Burt Rutan just knew/know:ok: