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27th Jan 2010, 11:35
Hello everyone,

I am looking for performance information for the Cessna 340 series. 340, 340A and RAM upgrade data welcome.

Not much found on the internet so far. Getting info from someone with operational experience would be great.

Whoever replies, thanks for your time.


27th Jan 2010, 18:03
I ran into the same problem , I think it is not very popular ac due to high maintenance costs . That is why there is so little info available .

Big Pistons Forever
27th Jan 2010, 18:18
I fly a corporate C 340. It has the stock 310 hp engines, but has spoilers and VG's. We have set the cabin up for 5 seats as 6 is just to tight, which is fine because or average load is pilot plus 1 or 2 emplyees. It has a nice ride, is a stable instrument platform, and has decent performance. We flight plan 180 knots and 206 lbs/hr.

Because of the small cabin the C340 tends to be more of a nitch airplane, principaly owner flown. If you routinely need to carry more pax than 414A or 421 is a better plane, but the advantage is the C340 go for considerably less money and many are flown by owners who want the best so they often are very well equiped.

Some thoughts

- VG's, spoilers, a good all cylinder engien analyser are IMO must have mods

- Buy a 1976 or latter ( ideally 1978 or later) model (much better pressurization system)

- There is lots of choice right now. My advice buy the very best example you can find, it will be the cheapest way to go in the long run.

27th Jan 2010, 19:32
Thank you very much indeed.

Do you know anything about RAM engine upgrades?
When you mention high maintenance cost, could you be more specific in terms of yearly budget for running maintenance (not ad hoc item replacing maintenance).

Is there anyway to get AFM data on the web do you know. It's hard to make up your mind on a machine without knowing all the facts...

When you say the cabin is tight with 6 seats, is it weightwise or room available.
What sort of range do you get with hypothetically 6 people on board?

Pressurization was going to be my next question. Would you say it is fairly reliable on airplanes you've flown?

What about engine reliability. What is it like Engine Out?

I've heard about a Service Bulletin on the wing spar. Can you tell me anything about it?

Thanks again for your time giving me some info :ok:. I am very grateful;

27th Jan 2010, 19:55
Pm me, I have flown (and owned) several including RAMs, and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.