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26th Jan 2010, 12:07
"Dry Check" on Octopus Take off Charts for Airbus

What does it mean and where is the reference?

26th Jan 2010, 14:11
Takeoff charts from wet rwys take into account the use of reverse thrust + a 15 feet screen height at end of the rwy, instead of 35, used for dry rwys.This may produce, some times,a higher MTOW than that calculated for a dry rwy.Thus, you must compare dry and wet charts and retain the lowest value for MTOW, keeping ,though, the calculated speeds for wet rwys.You won't need to do this if the top of the wet rwy chart specifies DRY CHECK.Means it's already been taken into account.

FCOM 2.02.10
Chapter:Take off on a wet rwy.

28th Jan 2010, 14:30