View Full Version : high load or low load wings?

25th Jan 2010, 16:59
Im preparing for an interview and one of the feedback questions is would you prefer a high or load load wing?

To my understanding these are the benefits of low load wings

its based on the size of the wing compared to the weight of the aircraft

now i see that the a380 has a lower load for the wing compared to the 747.

Is this because the wing is so much bigger?

I would have said low load wings because of.....

Low load wings(airlines)

Take off and land at slower speeds large wing area relative to its mass
Take off and land with greater weights
Superior climb rates less airspeed required to generate the lift
Better cruise performance less thrust required for straight and level
Better sustained turning performance generate more lift for a given quantity of thrust

Am I correct or is this just really a debate question to see if you can back up your answer with facts?

Do airlines always strive for the low load wing?

Pugilistic Animus
25th Jan 2010, 23:54
Wing loading is quite simply the ratio of weight over wing area [W/S]example anairplane in a dive exhibiting let's sat 50lbs/sqft may in a high g pull up [near Cl max] exert an that moment 300 lbs/sqft,...generally light little planes that are designed for small payloads/flight loads exhibit low wing loading for heavy loads high wing loading,...lastly the maximum weight/ highest wingloading is that which is obtained at the stall,..all other discussion not relating thoses items is handwaving,...