View Full Version : Two Alternates Fuel?

20th Jan 2010, 09:49
A question for JAR-OPS. Assuming one needs two alternates due to WX at destination (JAR-OPS 1.295(d)), how much alternate fuel is required? Enough to fly to the first alternate and then to the second or just enough to fly to the one which is farthest away?

20th Jan 2010, 09:52
The latter.

20th Jan 2010, 11:34
By law you only require fuel to one but if the weather is really bad it may be good sense to fuel for two if you can

Max Angle
20th Jan 2010, 11:51
That statement is incorrect in relation to the question. Under EU-OPS (ex JAR) if your destination is forecast to be below limits at +/- 1 hour of the ETA or you if you have no met. information available for it you must select 2 destination alternates, there is no requirement to be able to visit both.

20th Jan 2010, 12:30
My 2 cents worth,

Only if destination WX is below minima, 2 suitable alternates (WX must be above ALTN minima) must be nominated and fuel to be carried for the alternate whcih requires more fuel.

The logic behind this is, in case you need to divert, should the WX at the destination is below LANDING minima, you can have an option to divide to 2 suitable alternates. Thus, this acts as a buffer should the first be not available for diversion.